The following options have been added:

  • Profile for delivery

    Now, a different profile can be selected for delivery or take away orders.

    From version 4.0.4

  • Combinations also in menus

    Now, they can be selected combinations within the menu sales formats.

  • Information profile on iPod/iPhone

    Now, also on iPod/iPhone, you can view the information profile of a product. To do this, you must press with two fingers on the item.

  • Table searcher on iPod/iPhone

    Now, also on iPod/iPhone, you can quickly search for a table using the search engine from the "loupe icon".

The following items have been improved:

  • Refund from historic

    The refund process has been improved to prevent two continuous refunds of the same order from being made by mistake.

  • Assigning a customer to an invoice

    Now, when assigning a client to an invoice, the historic is automatically closed, to prevent the new generated documents from being displayed correctly.

  • Reopening of closed orders

    The operation of reopening orders has been changed to comply with all fiscal integrations. Now a refund of the original invoices is made, and a duplicate is created on the same table. Only orders with external payments, which cannot be refunded automatically, will not allow reopening the order, suggesting making a refund manually.


Resolution of the following incidents:

  • incorrect calculation of tax and subtotal when closing an order paid in full of a gift card.
  • which did not allow displaying the first category of products only when the favorites were deactivated and the room had a profile selected.
  • which did not allow random display of some rooms.
  • that did not allow sending the invoice by email from the option in the historic.
  • that the name of the sales format was not printed on the ticket.
  • which caused the products by weight not to print the decimals on the ticket.
  • which printed the suggested tips, also in refunds.
  • that the rates were not applied to the menu contents.