We have completely revamped Revo FLOW for the restaurant version.

The following options have been added:

  • Renewed booking management

    Now the creation of bookings is much more fluid.

  • All in one view

    Now you have all the information on bookings, clients, rooms, and calendars in a single view. Enjoy the improved interface to perform different actions depending on whether the table has a linked booking.

  • Auto assignment of tables in bookings

    Automatically assign tables to your bookings, or choose them manually. Now, a yellow indicator light suggests that the booking needs a table assignment with higher capacity.

  • Capacity per room

    Now, Revo FLOW takes into account the chosen room capacity when making a booking.

  • Filters

    Apply the new filters to show on the screen only the bookings that interest you. You can also order them in a personalized way.

  • Advance payments

    · From the app, automatically send a payment link for the customer to make an advance payment. Once the advance payment is made, the booking will be confirmed. You can define in your back-office the amount and the conditions related to the cancellation policy.

    · Also activate it in the booking widget to receive advance payments on your website.

    Available with Redsys integration.

  • Summary with all the information

    Quickly view a summary of all your bookings for a specific service or the entire day.

  • Historic of bookings and consumption

    Now you can check relevant customer information, such as the total number of bookings, cancellations, "no shows", the total paid and the average per ticket. It also allows you to see their latest consumption.

    Available with Revo XEF integration

  • Customers and one-time customer

    Now, when creating a new booking, you can distinguish between regular and one-time customers. A customer profile and history are only created when choosing a regular customer. The option of one-time customers is designed to register the customers who are likely to book only once.


The following items have been improved:

  • iPhone Version

    This new version is also optimized for the iPhone.

  • Activity Log

    Added more actions to the activity log, so you can keep track of everything that happens on a booking.

  • Tags

    New icons have been added to identify, at your discretion, bookings.

  • Searcher

    Now you can filter the list of bookings by service/day/all services. Use the search engine to find bookings by any customer data or unique booking identifier.

  • Current service indicator

    By clicking on the "clock" icon, you automatically return to the current service.


Resolution of the following incidents:

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.