The following options have been added:

  • New module

    Now, it is a module that can be activated in the back-office. Rewritten practically from scratch to give it more power.

  • New design

    Completely renewed design to adapt it to the rest of REVO solutions.

  • Videos & Images

    Now you can add your favorite photos and videos without size restriction and in full screen. Videos can be uploaded directly from YouTube. Also, you can decide in the order shown.

  • DISPLAY groups

    The groups allow us to display different information in each of them.

  • Suggested sale on DISPLAY

    Shows the suggested sale in popup windows. The customer decides if he wants to add it to his purchase or not.

  • Marketing Forms

    Forms have been revamped to give them a more modern look.

  • Modifiers and menu contents

    Now, they are also shown on the DISPLAY.

  • System status in Revo XEF

    Now, the "system status" option in the Revo XEF menu also checks connectivity with DISPLAY.


Resolution of the following incidents:

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.