Version 4.0 of Revo XEF brings with it a major internal change in menu handling. This change makes Revo XEF version 4.0 incompatible with devices running older versions of iOS (prior to iOS 12.4). These devices, which cannot update to iOS 12 (or higher), will be obsolete and will no longer be able to use Revo XEF.


The following options have been added:

  • Promotions

    Promotions have been added with many possibilities to use with your customers. Includes cross-selling, up-selling, and much more.

    - Revo XEF version 4.0 is required.
    - Available for Revo XEF Plus+Promos and PRO.

  • Calculator

    New “calculator” functionality that allows you to type the quantity first and then select the product. It can be activated in the preferences menu and decide if it is shown or hidden every time a new order is opened.

    - Only available on iPad.
    - Limited to normal products, with sales formats, kits, and products in containers.

  • Sale formats in menus

    Now, products with sale formats can be added to the menus.

    - Sales formats with combinations will not be available temporarily.

  • New filters

    The old view of open orders has been replaced by filters, and you can customize much more what orders you want to show.

    - iPad: Available at the bottom of the table plan.
    - iPhone/iPod: Available at the top of the table plan.

  • New full order display

    In the filter screen, it is now possible to change the standard display to full, allowing you to see at a glance the latest content added to the command.

    - Only available on iPad.

  • Bar service

    New bar service that allows us to open virtual tables without adding a name. This provides greater agility in the creation of the order, allowing it to be identified with the name "Bar" + initials of the employee who has opened it.

  • Photo of the employee in the tables view

    New accessory shows the photo of the employee who has opened the order in the table view. This new functionality helps to identify the owner of the order.

  • Payment with link

    The integration of Revo SOLO XPress enables us the option to copy and send a link so that the customer can pay. Payment by link appears both on the payment screen by means of a QR, in the "At home" module, and in the quick actions of the tables.

  • Seat control in menus

    Option to be able to define dishes per diner when making a quick menu entry.

  • Notification to update version

    We have added a new icon that detects when an old version of Revo XEF is being used. Clicking on it, redirects us to the App Store to update the version.

The following items have been improved:

  • Preferences menu

    The preferences option in the REVO menu has been modified to make it more usable. This allows us to show all the actions to be configured in a clearer and more agile way.

  • Incomplete modifier alert message

    We have replaced the incomplete modifiers message with visual indicators, to improve and streamline the process.


Fixes of the following incidents:

  • The incorrect calculation of the amount of the tax for content, which unbalanced the tax reports and invoices.
  • Errors in the communication with the Cashlogy cash machine when the monetary amounts were at maximum levels.
  • The bug of not grouping the menu contents in the print after deleting them.
  • In the integration with Mews: the error, when closing an order with two payments using "pay for items", which uploaded two invoices for the total of the order, but did not take into account the real value.
  • In the integration with Ulyses: the impossibility of making charges in the folios.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.