The following issues have been solved:

  • no longer appears the word null in menus that do not have associated notes.
  • the order was not saved correctly when charged for menu items.
  • in tickets with menus, the partial cut was not done correctly with the Star driver.
  • a random misalignment of cents in the calculation of taxes.
  • in POS mode, when it was charged dividing by diners in equal parts, the option was marked for the next order.
  • an unexpected crash of the app, when sending menu notes from old versions of Revo XEF.
  • an unexpected crash with some weight products.
  • an unexpected crash when discarding changes when the order had not been previously saved.
  • the imputation of the tax on the products, with the integration of Mews.

** The following option has been improved: **

  • ticket print of the collection drawer’s full emptying with Glory integration.