The following issues have been solved:

  • not being able to print the Z Report while there was a closed turn.
  • when viewing turn closings, at the time of entering the till end with other payment methods.
  • the printing of the channel in the orders on table. Now this information will only be printed, if it is added in the ticket design and the order is for delivery or pick up.
  • the partial cut of the menus, in the kitchen preparation ticket.
  • the duplication of some contents, in POS mode and with menus. The incident was reproduced only if the order was previously sent to print.
  • when wanted to delete all the contents of an order with paid products, an error would appear indicating that there were existing invoices and informing that this option cannot be done. When wanting to discard the changes, an unexpected crash of the app occurred.
  • in the option to give change when it was done repeatedly and in a continuous way, with the integration of Glory.
  • in translation with Stuart integration.
  • in the printing of the customer data who has made the reservation, in the simplified invoice, with the integration of Covermanager.
  • in PUSH notifications with Revo SOLO integration.

The following option have been added:

  • the printing on the KDS of the extra notes added in the menus.