The following options have been added:

  • Adyen returns automatically. Very useful for orders that come in paid from Revo SOLO. More information in this [article.] (/ Articles / 421)
  • two new functionalities in modifiers. Autoselected and hidden. More information in the [modifiers article.] (/ Articles / 11)
  • new Pin + Barcode / QRCode / NFC selector that combines the PIN + QRCode. This way, if the RFID identifier doesn't work, you can continue working with the PIN.
  • The size of the bottom part of the order has been increased, showing the totals more optimally.
  • a new table accessory: average per person.
  • An option has been added to the CoverManager integration, so that the customer data that comes to us through reservations is not automatically associated with the invoice.
  • in history data, if it is a return, it shows which command has been returned.
  • On the home screen, a scroll has been added in the central part, to be able to correctly view when the notes are very long.
  • in menus, if there are mandatory menu categories with only one product, this is selected by default.
  • Push notifications for Revo SOLO orders.
  • a new preference in the App:
    • to automatically print in the kitchen, only orders that arrive paid from Revo SOLO. Thus, we will ensure that all orders received, are prepared, if they are paid.
    • to be able to choose the font size from the catalog.
    • to choose the mode and value (e.g. order number) to be displayed on the Revo DDS screen. More information in this [article.] (/ Articles / 376)

The following items have been improved:

  • now the cash payment icon on the iPhone is the same as on the iPad.
  • In the Deliverect integration, a protection has been added to avoid a crash of the app when we received an order from a new channel.
  • On the invoice and on the delivery ticket, the same information appears for the orders that arrive from the different channels to the home delivery module.
  • In marketing forms, selection type questions are no longer displayed on a double screen, now all is showed into the same screen to avoid errors.
  • Correction of some incidents in the integration with GLORY.
  • Correction of some incidents in the integration with CASHDRO.

New software and hardware integrations have been included:


The following issues have been solved:

  • display of allergen icons.
  • a random bug showing an orange stripe on the pin screen when assigning a rider.
  • the custom discounts screen was slightly cropped at the bottom.
  • that in the delivery module, order search, keep searching when the keyboard was hidden.
  • that does not show a product in top items, if this is deactivated.
  • an unexpected closing of the app, with the Epson TM U220 driver.
  • the calculation of the order totals was not performed correctly, when the quantity of a product was increased once it was added to the order.
  • the duplication of Uber orders to the KDS.
  • with gift cards, where many actions that could cause a malfunction are now limited.
  • other incidents found and performance improvements have been added for better use of the app.