You find that some orders disappear?

Well, the good news is that they do not disappear by themselves : )

There may be several reasons for an order not to be saved:

  • The most common reason is that you have connection problems. If you have ADSL or use a router of any company to connect to Revo, intermittent micro-cuts of the signal are frequent, even in good coverage conditions. When you go to send an order or save it, it may coincide and give a connection error in the app. Then, Revo shows a message saying: "The order could not be saved. Do you want to retry or cancel?" It is very important to give it a retry until the order is saved. If you cancel, the order will not be saved and will "disappear".

Note: Revo recommends using a different wifi antenna from the one provided by Internet companies. Make sure that the wifi and the internet connection are stable. In addition, it is very important to have a second backup line for longer Internet cuts, in order to proceed working with Revo. Contact your Revo distributor to let them show you a 4G solution.

  • The second most common reason for getting an error while saving an order is that you block the device with the button just after and almost at the same time of sending an order to the kitchen. Depending on your connection, sending an order and saving can take 2-3 seconds; if the device is locked before that, it can cause an error. If, when you unlock the device, it coincides that you get an error when saving the order, that’s the reason. Try not to block the device so quickly and you will see that the error is solved.