The following options have been changed:

  • The translation of Today's Commands by Historical.
  • Multicast Networking profile for iOS 14 enabled.


The following incidents have been resolved:

  • In some occasions, when dividing the account in equal parts, it was not done correctly.
  • The selector to move between the rooms did not work.
  • There was an unexpected crash in iPhone / iPod, when changing the name of the table.
  • Menu extras were not separated when dividing by items.
  • An incorrect action was taken when reopening an order and removing all products.
  • In the preview screen, the gesture of printing the account on another printer did not work.
  • Random error when charging dividing by items on Star Future Prnt USB printer.
  • With the configuration of not sharing orders, the functionality to change users was only available in tables opened by the same employee. Now appears on all tables.
  • A bug that caused the session to close.
  • An unexpected closure on machine charges effective with iOS 12 devices.
  • A bug that occasionally added a penny when rounding discounted orders.
  • In Offline mode, the error "The command is being saved" appeared and could not be edited.
  • In home mode, the app did not respond, if the delivery person asked for a confirmation PIN and was pressed in another part of the screen.
  • in partial returns on orders with menus and supplements.