· When enabling dish order replication from the master account, we now sync it to the products as well · We added a new link to manage devices in the account menu (since a user may not have the account permission) · We fixed the Nielsen API and added exports notifications · We added weight field to products report · We fixed a bug that let master childs edit the catalog · Mews integration couldn’t be edited when not active · We fixed a wrong exporter in discounts report · Gir export, now can map the delivery channel to a sales type · We added new features to better interact with CoverManager, now we can get its notes and customer, and the order will be treated as a delivery with table so it can have more information associated · We added a role for admin user that can list all accounts and activate/deactivate them · Since we have multiple environments now (melia, mercadona, xef, and each one with its staging), we started versioning the backend. This way we can have a more meaningful error reporting logs. The version will appear in the account menu. · Now we show all the contents inside the grouped invoices · We fixed the product discounts report grouped by supergroup that was not grouping by discounts · In the Devices screen, we re aded the current/maximum devices with the link to create a support ticket if they need upgrade the license · Masteryield integration adds the key value field to map the Super Groups · We unified how intouch, uber and deliverect payments are created · We added assign permissions field into OmniBoard integration · We added a new field type called KeyValue that allows us to do powerful settings for integrations