Incompatibility Revo REPLICA


Currently Revo REPLICA is incompatible with any app or system that includes the generation of home deliveries (Revo InTOUCH, Glovo, Deliveroo, Deliverect...), as well as with the Revo FLOW smart reservation management app, specified in its functionality of sitting at customers once arrive at the restaurant. That is why we recommend that they not be offered together to any client so as not to generate false expectations. If we specifically talk about Revo InTOUCH, the only case where there is no such incompatibility with Revo REPLICA is when the client dispenses with the online order generation option.


Conceptually, Revo REPLICA is designed for those premises with an unstable Internet connection, being able to run out of service or suffer frequent outages. Thus, it is not reasonable to install applications that can generate online commands, with the consequent risk that they do not reach Revo XEF correctly. Technically, Revo REPLICA works as a local server, as a bridge to the Server (Cloud). It only synchs configuration data with the REPLICA in both directions and not in any other way, e.g. orders. Exactly the same happens with online commands that could enter the Cloud via other apps such as Glovo, Deliveroo, Deliverect... etc.


Customers with facilities that require a data backup and who do not wish to forgo a home delivery system through Revo InTOUCH or any other app, could install a router device with a data SIM inside which, whenever the main Internet connection drops, lets you switch automatically to 3G/ 4G connection.