From Revo Xef version 2.4 onwards, a new assistant has been added in Today's Orders options as a guide to perform different actions once the order has been closed and cashed.

¿How to access Today’s Orders?

To access Today's Orders from the Revo Xef app, follow the steps mentioned below:

1- Go to the Revo menu on the top left corner, indicated with a r icon.

2- Select the "Today’s Orders" option.

3- A strip with three points "..." will show up on the bottom right corner of your iPad.

In this section, you will be able to manage a series of actions for your orders.

Note: Before using any of the actions mentioned below, you must have selected the order to be modified.

The quick actions you can use on an order are the following:

  • I want to modify the payment method

1- Search the invoice or invoices created from the desired order and change the payment method by selecting the payment to be modified.

2- Save the operation once the changes have been made.

  • I want to cancel a payment

1- Search for the invoice created from the order and select it.

2- A message will show up: "Do you want to cancel the payment?"

3- Enter ground or reason for canceling the payment of the order.

4- Choose if you want to reopen the order again, or continue without making further modifications.

  • I want to send the invoice by email

1- Select a customer to send the invoice. You have two options to do it:

  • Enter the Invoices section and assign the customer.
  • From the same section where you are (...), mark the option "I want to assign a customer to the invoice".

2- Once the client is assigned, select the option "I want to send the invoice by email".

  • I want to assign a customer to the invoice

As seen in the previous section, it is as simple as selecting a previously created customer from the list or creating a new one ("New client ...").

Also, from this menu you can edit the customers already created.

  • I want to make a refund

1- As soon as you mark this option of our order, it will automatically open the order to proceed to the refund. The payments made in the order will not be erased.

There are two ways to make the refund:

  • Total: You do not have to delete any item that appears in the reopened order.

  • Partial: Every billed item shows up in the reopened order. Keep only those products you wish to refund.

2- Select how to refund the order: Through a cash refund or a gift card.

  • I have closed the order by mistake and I want to reopen it

1- When selecting this option, the application will request a reason as ground for reopening.

2- Following the previous step, the order will be reopened in virtual. You can reassign a table later on if you wish.

  • I want to reprint the invoice with a personalized description

To add a personalized description to the invoice at the request of the customer, you must:

1- Indicate by number the amount of consumed items.

2- Indicate the name to be given to the item/s.

Note: This action does not modify the original order in quantity and items consumed.