Revo Replica is an offline solution for those establishments without a good Internet connection wanting to work with Revo Xef. It performs the functions of a local server, where all the devices work in connection to the Replica, which periodically updates the data to the Cloud server.

Please notice:
- It will not solve the current net problems.
- Revo recommends to have an active Internet connection to let the Replica update the data to the Cloud.

How does it work?

As explained above, Revo Replica is a device with local server functionality. This must be connected through an ethernet cable to the router/switch with an Internet connection. Modifications made in the Cloud ( are synchronized to the Replica, and the latter periodically sends the sales, the stock and other configurations to the Cloud. That’s the way they keep always relayed and synchronized.

The main advantage of this device is being able to keep working with all the functionalities in case of having a bad Internet connection or even a breakdown during a certain time. In this case, all sales, stock, etc... will be temporarily stored in the Replica and then synchronized with the Cloud when the Internet connection is on again.

That would be a guideline in an establishment with standard network connections.

The devices are connected through Wi-Fi to the network.

The Replica connects via ethernet cable to the router or to a switch connected to the router.

The devices synchronize directly with the Replica, and the latter periodically with the Cloud.

¿How is it installed?


  • The network you are going to connect to must have a DHCP server available.

  • Perform a pre-check to determine that there are no network conflicts.

NOTE: Revo Systems recommends contacting your trusted distributor to install a Replica in your establishment.


1- Once you receive the Replica, it must be connected to the power net and also directly to the router through an ethernet cable, or else to a switch that is connected to the router.

2- Contact Revo Systems to activate the Replica in the Revo Xef account and copy the latest data from the Cloud.

- It is essential to have a prior appointment with the support department ( to have the scheduled intervention.
- This intervention must be done with the establishment closed to the public. It lasts between 15 and 20 minutes depending on the network connection.

3- Log out of EVERY device.

4- Log in again.

Please notice

  • All the devices must be connected to the same wifi.
  • The Replica must be connected by ethernet cable to the same network.
  • At the front of the Replica there is a red light indicating that power is on.