It is a hospitality management software that allows you to digitise processes, save time, reduce costs, ensure you comply with regulations and improve productivity in various areas of your business.


  1. Mapal or the distributor must send us an e-mail requesting the integration and providing the data to integrate to us.

  2. Access Revo XEF Back-Office: https://revoxef.works/

  3. Click on Integrations: https://revoxef.works/modules/integrations

  4. From the Add button, search for Gir.

  1. Fill in the following information:

  • Active:

  • Name: Identifying name of the integration

  • Test: Deactivated

  • Pass: Provided by Mapal

  • Aplicacion: Provided by Mapal

  • Id del Restaurante Provided by Mapal

  • Enviar 'VENTA IVA'

  • Usar mapeos de master

  • Mapeo de periodos

  • Mapeo de Salas

  • Mapeo Canal Delivery

  • Tipo de Venta para TPV/NULL

  • Number of failures

  1. We must inform Gir of the types of sales and the periods. The sales types are the rooms configured in the Revo XEF Back-office, by default there is the virtual room, with ID 1000000 and name "Virtual":
    ["id" => 1000000, "name" => "Virtual"],
    The rest are rooms with their ids
    ["id" => 6, "name" => "Indoor1"],
    ["id" => 8, "name" => "Terrace"],

The periods by default are always the same.

    ["id"=> 1, "name"=> "Breakfast","start" =>"05:00:00", "end" =>"11:59:59"],
    ["id"=> 2, "name"=> "Lunch",    "start" =>"12:00:00", "end" =>"16:59:59"],
    ["id"=> 3, "name"=> "Dinner",   "start" =>"17:00:00", "end" =>"23:59:59"],
    ["id"=> 4, "name"=> "Night",    "start" =>"00:00:00", "end" =>"04:59:59"],

Example of rooms set up in the Back-office

Example of a file in .pdf to be sent to Mapal from the same client so that they can carry out the integration.

  1. Once Mapal confirms that the integration has been successful, all the client's sales must be sent from Revo XEF. To do so, we must know the first date on which a sale was made from the client's orders in the Revo XEF Back-office. Then the following steps must be followed to send the sales:
  • Click on Integrations: https://revoxef.works/modules/integrations

  • In Gir's integration, we click on

  • Then to Loading menu:

  • Send the client's sales month by month. Do not launch the next month until the first load is finished.