The KDS have an option to keep track of the preparation times of the dishes. It is a very powerful tool that can help you even more to optimize the jobs that are done in the kitchen.

The Time Management of a product is made up of the preparation time, together with the sum of the time of the modifiers applied to it.

Color Description
Green The dish should be in preparation
Yellow There are only a few seconds left to finish preparing the dish
Red The dish has exceeded the time of preparation
Light gray The time left to start preparing the dish



First we must specify the preparation time of the products and the modifiers. These times can be set up in the same product and modifier tab.

If you do not want to control the time of a product, you just need to leave it at zero.

Time management

The time management is linked to a Dish order and can be set up in the section Settings->Time management.

Field Description
Name Name assigned to the setup
Dish order Dish order linked to the setup
Start point When the counter starts
Start mode Never: Does not keep time management
Automatic: The counter starts when the kitchen order is received
After the previous one: The counter starts when the previous dish order is all done
With note: When you receive the kitchen note specified in the field Kitchen note
Kitchen note If the start type is With Note, specify the note that will start the counter.
Warning threshold The percentage of time remaining to warn that there is little left to finish the dish
Management Type End together: The counters of each dish start at the right time so they all end at the same time
Start together: The counters of each dish start at the same time.