REVO In Touch is a customer loyalty application that allows any POS or trade to increase the satisfaction and permanence of their customers through engagement and remarketing actions. This powerful app allows us to offer our customers online orders and also receive points for purchases made, and then exchange them for free products.

Revo In Touch is a commercial name, but the AppleStore or the Play Store will show the name and logo chosen by your customers. It will be totally adaptable. The created app will be available for iOS & Android and one of the philosophies that should be transferred to the customers is to keep it easy to use, simple and intuitive.

Creating the Apple Developer Program account:

IMPORTANT: In order to create an InTouch application, it is essential to create an account as Apple Developer in order to distribute the application in the App Store. Follow this article to create an account:


As in every Revo application, you access a Back Office to set up and manage the account:

  1. Access the Back Office.

  2. Enter the corresponding credentials.


Displays a graph of the last 30 days.


Here you can set up various account options.

In order to allow our customers to recharge the gift cards, you must use a Stripe payment gateway. To do this, you have to create an account in You will find more information on how to create a Stripe account here.

  • Stripe Key: Once the account is created, you must add here the Stripe Key.

  • Stripe publishable key: Here you must add the Stripe publishable key.

  • Allow payments with credit card: By activating this option, you allow the customer to make payments directly with a credit card and without using the gift cards.

Note: Keep in mind that, if the payments you receive from your customers are usually of small amounts, the fixed amount commissions using the Stripe payment gateway may be higher than the price tag.

How do you want to calculate the points that customers receive?

  • Calculate Points: There are two options to choose from.

    • Percentage: Uses a percentage of the total order. For example: 100%

      • Percentage type: When selecting the option to calculate points by percentage, you must select what type of percentage you are going to apply. 100% would be equivalent to 1 € = 1 point. That is, following this example (100%), it would mean that for every euro that your clients spend in our establishment, they will get 1 point. If you set up 30 as required points in the Coke product, that means a customer should spend 30 € in your establishment in order to get a free Coke.
    • Products: You define the points received by the customers for each product. Each product will have a value in points that you will set up. In this case, the points will be calculated according to the products included in the orders of our customers. That is, following the previous example, if you establish 10 points for each Coke acquired by our customers and, as previously said, the points required to obtain a free Coke are 30, that means that your customers can get a free Coke for each three ones purchased (10 points for each one).

Note: You should take into account the option selected to calculate points when you set up the points required for each product afterwards. A conversion too high could cause demotivation in your customers, since getting free products would be too difficult; on the other side, a very low conversion could cause losses.

Expiration Minutes: You can set up a QR code appearing in the Revo Xef invoice with the total points generated by each invoice. In this way, you will allow customers who have downloaded your In Touch app to scan these points and add them to their account when they come to consume goods at our establishment. Inside this option, you can configure in minutes the time allowed to scan these generated points, once the order is closed. If you set up 0 minutes, it will never expire.

Point of sale:

Here you can add any POS associated to In Touch.

  1. Click on the + New button

  2. Enter the following information:

  • Name: Enter the name of the POS.
  • Address: Enter the address of the POS.
  • City: Enter the city of the POS.
  • Country: Enter the country of POS.
  • Telephone: Enter the telephone number of the POS.

  • Online orders:

    • Home delivery and takeaway: Activate this option to allow customers to select if the order is for home delivery or to take away at the POS.
    • Just takeaway: Activate this option to allow only online orders to take away at the POS.
    • None: No online orders are allowed.

  • Home delivery radius: Enter in kilometers the approximate radius of the distribution area.
  • Home delivery minutes: The estimated time in minutes for customers to receive their orders.
  • Takeaway minutes: The estimated time in minutes for customers to have their orders ready to take away.
  • Online orders schedule: By activating this option, you will set a limited schedule to order online.

Enter here information about Revo Xef or Retail.

  • User: Enter the Revo Xef or Revo Retail user.

  • Token: Enter the Revo Xef or Revo Retail token.

    How to create the token in Revo Xef:

    1. Enter the Revo Xef Back Office

    2. Enter the account credentials.

    3. Select Manage account and then Tokens.

    4. Click on the + New button

    5. Click on Activate and enter a name.

    6. Select Save

    7. Copy the token to enter it in In Touch.

    How to create the token in Revo Retail:

    1. Enter the Revo Retail Back Office

    2. Enter the account credentials.

    3. Select Manage account and then Tokens.

    4. Click on the + New button

    5. Click on Activate and enter a name.

    6. Select Save

    7. Copy the token to enter it in In Touch.

  • Flow User: Enter the Revo Flow user.

  • Flow Token: Enter the Revo Flow token.

When all the information is entered, click on Save and you will see the following image:

Note: If you have previously selected the option of online order schedule, you will see the delivery time options and you can set a different schedule for online orders through In Touch.


The products are always obtained from a Revo Xef or Revo Retail account. New products cannot be created from here.

In the image above you can see the main product display.

1. Create categories:

The categories are created manually and will then appear in the app. To create categories, you must follow these simple steps:

  • Click on the + New button.

  • Enter a name.

  • Click on Save.

2. Add products to categories:

To add products to the categories, once created:

  • Click on Products.

  • Then click on the + New button.

  • In the search engine that appears, enter the name of the products you want to add and they will appear as a list, then you can add them.

  • Click on Add.

  • To modify any information, click on

  • Name: Indicate the name that will appear in the app.
  • Price: Indicate the price with taxes included (final price).
  • Tax: Indicate the type of tax. Example: 10
  • Info: Add any type of information you consider important to the end customer. For example, allergens, ingredients, etc.
  • Points: If in the previous calculation of points option you have selected products, define here the value in points for this product. If, on the other hand, you have selected the calculation by percentage, this option can be left void.
  • Points needed: Enter here the needed points to get this product for free.

3. Modify order:

You can modify the order of categories, or even of products, simply by clicking and dragging the arrows. Finally, click on the Save Order button to confirm the changes.

Note: That same order will also be shown on the app.

4. Edit or delete categories:

  • Click on to be able to edit categories or products.

  • Click on to be able to delete categories or products.


The modifiers, as the name suggests, are used to add a modification or a variant on a product. The operation system is very similar to Revo Xef.

1. Create modifiers:

  • Click on the icon of modifiers.

  • Click on the + New to create a new modifier.

  • Enter a name and define whether it is required or not.

  • Once created, click on Modifiers

  • Click again on the + New button to define the modifier options, indicating name and price, if you want the modifier to add a supplement when selecting it.

Note: It is advisable not to use too many modifiers to keep it easy to use for the final customer.

2. Associate modifiers to products:

Once the modifiers are created, they can be associated to the products already created:

  • Click on products.

  • Click on the selected category.

  • Click on Edit.

  • Select from the list the modifier/s you want to associate to the product.


Click on customers to see all the customers downloaded and registered in the app. You can see personal information about them and the points they have accumulated to date.

Customer groups:

The [customer groups] ( are those that we use to apply automatic discounts in the app.

Different groups can be configured by assigning a discount.

Then, in the previous customers' screen, each customer can be assigned a group, so that they have the discount automatically applied to their orders.


Click on Cards, to show all the cards added to the account.

Drag an image over the selected area to upload a new design and associate it to a card.

You can have different designs that will be randomly assigned whenever the customer associates a new gift card from the app.

Push Notifications:

The push notifications is a tool used to send messages to clients who have downloaded your app.

Once the certificate has been installed by the Revo team, the tool can be used as follows:

  • Title: Add the title of the message to send.

  • Message: Add the text of the message to send.

  • Send Press the button to send to all customers by default.

There is the possibility of adding a series of parameters to filter the audience to which the message will be destined:

Customer group: You can specify to which customer group you want to send the message.

Birthdays: You can specify the month of the customers' birth date to be able to send more personalized messages. For example: An exclusive offer for customers whose anniversary lies within a certain month.

Customer balance: It can be filtered to choose customers who have a set balance of money loaded in our application.

Points: You can specify a message to customers who have a set balance of points.

Age: Messages can be sent to clients of a certain age.

Last consumption of the client: You can specify the messages for customers who consumed a set amount.

Note: These filters can be single or combined.


Here you can enter required and essential information to add the app to the AppleStore and PlayStore.

  • Name of the App: Name of the App that shall appear on the AppStore/PlayStore.

  • Square logo of the App: Upload the logo in a square format. Recommended measures: 1024x1024

  • Logo of the App: Upload the logo in original format.

  • Primary color: Main color of the App.

  • Keywords: Add keywords separated by commas. For example: restaurant, pizza, night...

  • Marketing URL: Official website of the POS.

  • Support URL: Link to your contact web to offer help to your customers.

  • Promotional text: Add a short promotional description to be displayed in the AppStore/ PlayStore.

  • Description: Main description of the app to be displayed on the AppStore/PlayStore.

  • Send for revision Activate this option to confirm and update all the entered information, in order to let the Revo team review the app in the AppStore/PlayStore.


Information and help on the development API.


There are a number of features that must be set up in Revo Xef.

1. Activate In Touch module:

In this way you link the Xef account with In Touch.

  • On the right side, you will find the Modules again.

  • From the list shown when clicking, select InTouch.

  • Then select on the display:

    • Option Activate.
    • Deactivate Test.
    • Enter a name to identify them in Integrations.
    • Enter the In Touch user.
    • Enter the In Touch token found in Development
    • Finally, click Save.

2. Create payment method in In Touch:

Create a new payment method with exact name InTouch.

  • Click on Setup.

  • Then on payment methods.

  • Click on the New button to create a new payment method.

  • Click on Activate.

  • Enter the name InTouch.

  • Save.

3. Activate Delivery module and permissions:

If you don’t use the Delivery module (Delivery), you should activate it, as well as the permission for every user, or for those who are going to manage the orders received from InTouch.

  • Click on Delivery

  • Check (activate) the option Use Delivery.

Note: If you mean to use the Delivery module only for InTouch, there is no need to set up the other options.

  • Move on to permissions and activate the Delivery permission for users who can access the module.

4. Add the QR code with the InTouch points in the invoice:

This last step is optional; that is, if our customers want to offer the option to print the accumulated points in an order so that their final customers can scan them, they will have to add the QR code in the invoice. If, on the other side, they do not want to offer this option, there is no need to configure this step.

  • Move on to the Invoice editor

  • At the top, click on Add line and select a value field.

  • At the end of the ticket, it will add a new line.

  • Select InTouch Points ID from the list.

  • Click twice on the icon until the QR code appears.

  • Click on the icon to confirm.

  • Finally, at the top of the page, click on the Save button to apply the changes.

Note: The points will only be calculated from the products that are in InTouch. That is, if none of the products associated with InTouch appear on the invoice, it will not generate points to be scanned.