• Chain accounts, will now use its master photos
  • It shows the customer credit in the customer info when doing a charge
  • Improved CashKeeper integration
  • New feature for quotations, customer orders and delivery notes
  • A customer with multiple discounts, it asks you which one to apply
  • You can print lables using the ticket as a template
  • Can print labels to Zebra printers
  • Offline detection improved
  • Best offline mode, you can now open/close turns, ins outs, and even create customers
  • Improved the searcher with multiple words combined
  • Epson iHub hardeware integrated to be able to control any kind of barcode scanner and scales with $ protocol
  • Added Elo Paypoint integration.
  • Option to disable general discounts
  • Cashlogy cash machine integration added
  • Refunding process improved so you can choose the quantity to refund
  • You can see all the product sales from within the app
  • At revo stock, all the stock movements are displayed
  • You can apply the discount from the original ticket to the refund
  • The product weight is shown in the orders list


  • Price rates and events can be sync from the master account
  • Price and name changes can be propagated to all its variants when doing a multiple update
  • Units and Units/Ticket average KPI added to the dashboard

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused a customer's credit inquiry to fail sometimes.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the list of contents to be scrolled down to the bottom.
  • The management of refunds with gift cards has been improved.