In order to be able to use the Tesipro integration, you need an intermediate server that will streamline the communication betweenRevo and Tesipro. For that reason, it is advisable to install the web server on the same server where the Tesipro program is stored.


Revo back office configuration

  • Open the terminal of the windows in the Tesipro server and check the computer ip with the commandipconfig

  • Connect to the client's back office and add the Tesipro integration.

    • In url type http://<ipDelServer>/tesipro/public/api/
    • Optionally, you can enter the VAT discount you want to apply in Tax deduction. For example, to save a dish costing € 10 in all without 4.5% VAT, enter 4.5 in the Tax deduction field . Then it will be saved at a cost of 10/1,045, that is,9.57.
  • Save

  • Once the integration is set up, go to configuration -> payment methods and create a payment method with the nameTesipro.

Tesipro server configuration

Installing XAMPP

  • Run the xampp-win32-5.6.28-1-VC11-installer
  • Follow the steps of the installation until finished.
  • Copy the file php_dbase.dll to the path C:/xampp/php/ext/ (The file is in the downloaded zip of the intermediate application)

Configuring XAMPP

Open the XAMPP control panel

From the windows start button search for the xampp control panel program and open it. The system displays the following menu:

Xampp Control Panel

Click the setup button next to Apache. This will open a file C:/xampp/php/php.ini with a text editor. Then, go down to the end of it and add the following lines: extension=php_dbase.dll extension=php_gmp.dll

Add our php integration to the XAMPP server

  • Copy the Tesipro directory inside the path C:/xampp/ htdocs/
  • Edit the file C:/xampp/htdocs/tesipro/config/services

Search for

'tesipro' => [
        'path' => '<pathToDbaseStorage>'

and where it reads <pathToDbaseStorage>, substitute the folder where the customer saves the dbase files, for example: C:/dbase-storage/

Check that the names of the MAJCARGO and MAJHABIT files match those defined below the path.

Auto startup XAMPP

To set up the XAMPP server in order to have it start automatically when the PC is turned on, proceed with the following steps:

  • Copy the file C:/xampp/xampp_start to C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.
  • With this, when the computer restarts, your service will start automatically. If it is not possible to restart the server, click the start button next to Apache in thexampp control panel and minimize the App.

Check the correct operation

Open the browser and access http://localhost/tesipro/public/api/rooms. If you get an error message, it means you have set up something wrong.


Tesipro allows you to add a concept to the charges.Revo will ask which concept you want to apply by default to any charge* when selecting the room; however, you can automate the process through profiles. Then, you can select the concept automatically, according to the profile name.

This can be useful in cases where there are different rooms and each one always applies the same concept.

To that end:

  • Create a profile with the Tesipro concept name.
  • On the device, select the profile with the charge you wish to apply.

* The available charges are defined in the C:/xampp/htdocs/tesipro/config/concepts file, in a list such as the following:

    "CAFM" =>   "BAR /CAFETERIA",
    "MOOA" =>   "ROCA MOO",
    "OMMS" =>   "OMM SESSION",
    "RSA"  =>   "ROOM SERVICE",
    "DEX"  =>   "BREAKFAST",
    "BARP" =>   "TERRACE",
    "AMOO" =>   "ROCA BAR",
    "OMMS" =>   "OMM SESSION 2"

Here, you can write the concepts needed by the integration (always respecting the double quotes ("") and the comma at the end of line, except in the last one).