Perform the following steps to link and configure the Star Bluetooth SM-S230I printer with Revo.

  1. Link the printer with Bluetooth to the iOS device.

  2. Discharge in the AppStore the StarIO SDK app.

    • Open the APP.
    • Click SEARCH.
    • Select BLUETOOTH.
    • Click SM-S230 y volvemos a la pantalla anterior.
    • Change the port name to PRNT Star.
    • Activate AUTOCONNECT.
    • Turn off the printer and re-synchronize it with the device.

  3. Set up the printer in Emulation mode ESC/POS:

    • Turn the printer on.
    • Open the lid.
    • Press the POWER + FEED buttons simultaneously, until the error light flashes 5 times.
    • Just after the fifth blink, release the buttons.
    • Close the lid.
    • Turn the printer off and on again.
  4. In the Back Office of the Revo account:

    • Go to SETTINGS.
    • Go to [PRINTERS] ( in Revo Xef. For Revo Retail go to the link [REVO RETAIL PRINTERS.] (Http://
    • Press the New button and create a new printer with the following parameters:
      • Name: Put a name that will help you identify the printer.
      • Ip:
      • Port ... 9100
      • Characters: Leave it by default at 0.
      • Do not select any of the options to open cash register.
      • Click Save.
    • Go to [CASHIERS] (Https:// in Revo Xef. For Revo Retail go to the link [REVO RETAIL CASHIERS] (
    • Create a new ATM with the ** New ** button or modify one of the previously created ATMs by clicking on .
    • Assign the printer just created from the list.

  1. ** In the Revo Xef App: **

    • Go to the menu
    • Press SYNC (to update the changes made).
    • Click on PREFERENCES.
    • Click on CASHIER.
    • Select from the list the cash register that we have created previously.
    • Click on DONE to confirm.

    ** In the Revo Retail App: **

    • If we want to modify the cash register of a device, we will first have to eliminate the device from the Back Office of Revo Retail:

    • Go to [DEVICES.] (Http://

    • Search the device in the list.

    • Click the icon to remove the device.

    • Now in the Revo Retail App, click on the menu

    • Click on to synchronize the account and download the latest changes.

    • In the next payment made with the device, when clicking on the COLLECT icon, the system will ask you to select a new cash register. Then you must select the previously created cash register.