When you collect and close a sale, you have different options or possibilities that may be very interesting for your business.

Let’s see them:

1. Header:

  • Paid: Tells you the collected amount when a partial payment has been made.
  • Pending: Tells you the amount still to collect.
  • Change: Enter the amount the customer gives you and it shows the change you have to give.

2. Amount:

  • Shows you the amount entered manually with the pinpad or with the denominations.

3. Collection:

  • Enter manually the amount using the numeric pinpad.
  • < Use this key to clear the amount in case of a mistake.
  • Click on the denominations to enter the amount in a more agile way.

Note: You can click on several denominations and they will be added.

4. Sales options:

  •   Select this button before collecting the sale to print the gift ticket without the total amount. In order to print, it must be selected in orange (see picture).

  •   If this button is selected in orange, when the sale is collected, the invoice will be automatically sent by email.

Note: For this option to work, you must assign a customer with a valid email address to the sale (See picture). If the email address is not valid, an error message will be displayed after closing the order.

  •   Select this option to print a double copy of the invoice.

  •   Activate the payment with the second currency.

5. Collection buttons: From left to right.

  • Cash: Button to collect in cash.

  • Card: Button to collect on card.

  • Other payment modes: Button to show all the other forms of payment created.

6. Exit:

  • Click on to exit the Collection screen.

7. Customer information:

  • Shows all the information of the customer selected in the sale. Press on to edit the information for this customer.