In the Revo Retail app, you can manage information about your customers.

Note: In the Back Office you can check more information about your customers.

For it, click on New Customer.

The screen shows a list of all the customers in your POS. Use the search engine to find a specific customer or swipe downwards to find it manually.

2 or 3 icons are shown beside each customer:

  1. This button only appears beside customers allowed to buy on credit.
  • By clicking on it, you can check if they have any sales charged on credit and pending payment.

  • Select the icon to collect a part of the pending credit, or all of it.

  • If you only want to collect a part of the pending credit, indicate the amount and then cash or card. If you do not indicate an amount, you collect all the pending credit.

  1. By clicking on this button , you will see the sales history of this customer.

  1. By clicking on this icon , you can modify or add any personal data for this customer.

Note: Don’t forget to click on Save to save the changes.