Revo Retail has several product search tools, really effective and very fast.

Maybe if you have an extensive product catalog, or simply do not remember the group of the product we are looking for, you can use the following tools:


  1. Click on the icon.
  2. Use the keyboard to find any product in your catalog. You can search by name, brand, season, reference, barcode and information.

  1. Click on a product and add it to the order directly.

Note: If the product has variants, when clicking on the product, it will show the variant screen.

  1. If, instead of clicking on the product, you click on the icon, it will show the product information screen.

Search by barcode using the iPad camera:

If you do not have a barcode reader via Bluetooth, you can use the camera of your iOS device as a reader.

  1. Click on the button.
  2. Scan the barcode.

The product will be automatically added to the sales screen.

Smart Filter:

  1. Click on to open the smart filter.

This powerful search engine is used to perform searches by different parameters.

You can filter by the following parameters: name, brand, season, reference, barcode, information, price and color.

You can add different filters in the same search using the button.

Use the button to remove all filters or slide with your finger from right to left on a particular filter to remove it.

Click on to exit the screen, on to perform the search with the selected parameters or on the Save button to save the changes and be able to easily access this search again.

To access the saved smart filters, instead of clicking on the button as seen above, simply swipe your finger up and down over the button to show a list of all the smart filters.