With Revo RETAIL, it's incredibly easy to put sales on hold while performing other actions in the app.

One of the clearest examples is when we create a new sale to collect payment from a customer, and at that moment, they realize they don't have enough cash and need to go to the bank to withdraw money.

Here, a situation arises in the business that REVO easily resolves with sales on hold.

How to put a sale on hold.

1. We create a new sale.

2. We add the products.

3. The situation mentioned earlier occurs.

4. We put the sale on hold by pressing the button.

Subsequently, the sale is put on hold, and a new one is created to continue collecting from other customers or use any other option in Revo RETAIL.

How to retrieve a sale on hold.

Continuing with the previous example, the customer returns to our business, and we need to retrieve the sale on hold.

1. We press on that appears in the app header to display the list of sales on hold.

2. We press on the sale to retrieve it.

3. We collect payment and close the sale.

IMPORTANT: If there are sales on hold and the Revo RETAIL app is uninstalled, these sales will be lost.