Revo Retail is a global solution for sales management and the organization of any type of retail business.

The structure of the app seeks the maximum width and agility to work with the iPad.

Let’s have a look around to get an overall view of the App and familiarize yourself with Revo Retail.

Revo Retail uses a three-level structure to organize the products: Groups, Categories and Products. Technically there is a fourth, containers, which are subfolders within the product view to let you organize your products further. This structure is easily visible in the Back Office and of course in the App.

1- Groups Menu: Move around easily through all the groups by simply clicking on one of them. The number of groups is unlimited, although it is recommended to keep them between 10 and 11 whenever possible, to streamline the use of the App and avoid having to move constantly up and down.

2- Category Menu: Each group contains categories. As in the groups, there is no limitation for the number of categories, but working with between 9 and 10 keeps the usability of the app optimal.

3- Products: Each category contains its products. As we have seen previously, the number of products in a category is unlimited. We will see afterwards that we have two types of views: with icons or in list mode. We can also use the containers to organize our products even more. Each of your items can also contain variants (sizes, colors, etc.), easily visible by clicking on the same product.

Note: The system also shows the applied discounts. In this case it is a discount applied automatically to the customer. In the Back Office you can create Customer Groups and assign them a predetermined discount.

4- Search tools: Revo Retail comes with several tools that will help you find your products in a matter of seconds!

  • performs a search manually by entering any field of the item.

  • uses the iPad camera if you do not have a bluetooth barcode reader to perform a search.

  • performs searches easily using filters, and also saves them with a simple button so as to access them as many times as you need.

5- Views: Revo Retail incorporates two kinds of views to visualize your products:

  •   Icons: That’s the view shown by defect. All your products appear as a grid, showing the image, name and availability.

  •   List: Select this view to organize your products as a list. It will still show the name and availability, but not the image. This will be accessible by clicking on the product. One of its virtues is the great capacity of products shown to the naked eye and without having to scroll downwards.

6- Menu Icons:

  •   MENU: The Revo Retail menú is surely one of the most used options in the App.

    •   Synchronize: Every time you enter a change in the Back Office, all devices must be synchronized manually.
    •   Invoices: From here you can perform different actions related to invoices, from making returns to sending an invoice by email.
    •   Search invoice: Find an invoice by entering the invoice number or reading the bar code with the reader, or else using the iPad camera.
    •   Cash control: Opens and closes shifts, as well as printing the Z Report from this menu.
    •   Income / Outcome: With the cash register activated, every time you make a money income or outcome, you must specify it here. In this way, the cash box will always be balanced.
    •   Gift card balance: Check the balance of a gift card by scanning the code or typing it manually. You can also reprint the gift card again.
    •   Support: Do you have any questions or problems? This is the indicated menu. Check the help articles and if you can not find the answer, open a support ticket using the button. A Revo support agent will assist you as quickly as possible.
    • Presence: From this menu, Revo users can register the entry time and exit time at work. In the Back Office there is also a report where you can track the hours your employees have worked.
    •   Exit (logout): At the end of this screen we have the option to exit the Revo account in the Retail app. It is not advisable to exit the account at the end of the work day; you should simply put the iPad on standby.
    • v. X.X Here you can see the Retail version you’re working with.
  • When the icon appears in white, that means you’re working online and synchronizing with the Cloud. When you’re offline, an icon appears on the left corner, indicating the number of sales that have not been synchronized with the Cloud. When you get back online, the icon will turn green and all sales will begin to synchronize until the icon disappears and gets back to its initial state.

  • Icon to open the cash register. Only users with permissions can open it.

  • Indicates the active user. You can change the user manually by clicking on the icon.

7- Header:

  • List of the sales that have been put on hold.

  • Remove all products from a sale. Permission is required.

  •   Click on the customer icon to enter your data or select a regular customer from the list. Through the icons that appear in the clients, you can also see all the purchases that they have made, edit information or manage a payment on credit.

8- Sales screen:

  • Clicking on a product, it will be added to the sale.
  • Once added, if you click again on the product, you will see the options screen where you can assign a discount or add quantity.
  • On the ticket, swipe with your finger from right to left on a product to eliminate it.

9- Footer:

  • 144,00€: That amount is the sum of the active sale.
  •   With this button, you can assign a discount that is predefined on the Back Office, or a customized discount on the entire ticket.
  •   Put a sale on hold. This option is very useful when for any reason there is a ticket we cannot charge, and have other people waiting. The sale is put on hold and the other operations are carried out. Later on, you can recover the sale from the list and collect it.
  • Collect a sale With the icon you can open the payment module in order to close a sale.