Revo RETAIL is a comprehensive solution for sales management and organization for any type of retail business.

The app is structured for maximum breadth and agility when working with the iPad.

Let's take a brief tour and get an overview of the app to familiarize ourselves with Revo RETAIL.

Revo RETAIL employs a three-level structure to organize products: Groups, Categories, and Products. Technically, there's a fourth level, Containers, which are subfolders within the product view to further organize your products. This structure is easily visible in the back-office and, of course, in the app.

1. Groups Menu: Easily navigate through all the groups by simply tapping on one. The number of groups is unlimited, although it's recommended to have between 10 and 11 for smooth app usage without frequent scrolling.

2. Categories Menu: Each group contains categories. Similar to groups, there's no limitation on the number of categories, but working with 9 or 10 enhances app usability.

3. Products: Each category contains its products. As seen earlier, the number of products in a category is unlimited. Later on, we'll see there are two types of views: with icons or in list mode. Additionally, containers can be used to further organize products. Each item can also have variants (sizes, colours, etc.) easily visible by tapping on the product.

Note: Applied discounts are also displayed.

4. Search Tools: Revo RETAIL comes with several tools to help you find your products in a matter of seconds!

  • Manually search by entering any item field.

  • Use the iPad camera if you don't have a Bluetooth barcode scanner to perform a search.

  • Easily search using filters. Additionally, you can save them with a simple button and access them as many times as needed.

5. Views: Revo RETAIL incorporates two types of views to visualize your products:

  • Icons: This is the default view. All your products are displayed in a grid, showing the image, name, and availability.

  • List: Select this view to organize your products in list form. The name and availability are still displayed, but not the image. It can be accessed by tapping on the product. One of its virtues is the ability to view many products at a glance without scrolling up and down.

6. Menu Icons:

  • r MENU: Revo RETAIL's menu is undoubtedly one of the most frequently used options in the app.

    • v. X.X The version you're working with in RETAIL is displayed here.
    • Sync: Every time a change is made in the Back Office, all devices must be synchronized manually.
    • Invoices: From here, various actions related to invoices can be performed, from making returns to emailing an invoice.
    • Search Invoice: Search for an invoice by entering the invoice number or by reading the barcode with a scanner or using the iPad camera.
    • Cash Control: Open, close shifts, and print the Z Report from this menu.
    • In/Out: With cash control activated, each time you make a cash in or cash out, you need to specify it here to ensure the cash is balanced.
    • Gift Card Balance: Check the balance of a gift card by scanning the code or entering it manually. You can also reprint the gift

card. * Gift Card Return: Allows you to return the purchase of a gift card. * Voucher Balance: Check the voucher balance by scanning the code or entering it manually. * Objective: Check if the set goal for both the business and the employee is being achieved. * Attendance: From this menu, Revo users can record entry and exit times. Additionally, there is a report in the Back Office where you can track the hours your employees have worked. * Support: Have a question or problem? This is the designated menu. Check the help articles, and if you can't find the answer, open a support ticket. A REVO support agent will assist you as quickly as possible. * Find Printers: Locate all printers connected to your local network and add them easily. * Logout: At the end of this screen, you have the option to log out of the REVO account in the Retail app. It's not recommended to log out at the end of the workday; simply put the iPad to sleep.

  • Icon to open the cash drawer. Only users with privileges can open it.

  • When the icon appears in white, it indicates that you're working online and syncing with the Cloud. When there's no internet connection, an icon appears in the left corner indicating the number of sales not synchronized with the Cloud. Upon regaining internet access, the icon turns green, and all sales start syncing until the icon disappears and returns to its initial state.

  • Access customer actions. If there are actions to be performed, a number will appear indicating it.

  • Indicates the active user. You can manually switch users by tapping on the icon.

7. Header:

  • List of sales placed on hold.

  • Delete all products from a sale. Permission is required.

  • Access quotes; you can both view and create them.

  • Print product labels.

  • Tap on the customer icon to enter their details or select a regular customer from the list. Additionally, using the icons next to customers, you can see all purchases they've made, edit information, or manage a credit payment.

8. Sales Screen:

  • Tapping on a product adds it to the sale.
  • Once added, tapping again on the product brings up the options screen where you can apply a discount or add quantity.
  • On the receipt, swipe your finger from right to left on a product to remove it.

9. Footer:

  • €36.40: This amount is the total of the active sale.

  • With this button, you can apply a predefined discount in the back office or a custom discount on the entire receipt.

  • Put a sale on hold. This option is useful when, for any reason, there's a ticket that can't be cashed, but there are more people waiting. You put the sale on hold and perform other operations. Later, you retrieve the sale from the list and cash it.

  • Opens the payment module to close a sale.