• The customer can be assigned/changed in Today's orders, or in the backoffice.
  • The Gift Card can be printed in Today's orders.
  • The number of sales is printed in the report X/Z.
  • All in/outs are shown in the report X/Z.
  • New feature to print labels in A4 papers using an Airprint printer from the App.
  • New way to use the Gift Cards so they don't add twice in the total sales.
  • Bigger contents sidebar.
  • Adds percentage value in PIE Charts.
  • Variant propagates stock management, brand, season, and reference-
  • Template for auto barcode generation-
  • Chains management-
  • Customer searcher in the grups edition.
  • Added option to select all variants when creating one.
  • Added profit calculation.


  • Fixes a bug in CashKeeper settings that was not displaying the correct properties values.
  • Fixes a bug in CashKeeper settings that didn't let you set the inhibits correctly.
  • When closing edit content screen, it reloads the discounts applied.
  • Fixes a bug that prevented the Variant photo from being shown when inside a container.
  • Show/hide groups and categories changes were not reflected on the application.
  • Fixes an occasional bug that caused the app to crash when deleting contents.
  • Fixes a bug that caused orders on hold with no contents to reappear when entering the app again.
  • Fixes a bug that opened multiple turns when taping "Save" multiple times.