With Revo XEF you can split an account by items when closing an order. That way, the order is split by items as selected and the payment can be managed easily and neatly.

There are three different ways to access the payment screen of Revo XEF:

Access from the preview

  • Click on the table that you want to charge.

  • On the screen that appears, click on the icon.

Access by editing an order from the preview

  • Click on the table that you want to charge or swipe.

  • On the screen shown, click on Edit, in the top right corner.

  • Once inside the order, click on

Access by editing an order from Fast Actions

  • To access the fast actions, we must slide up and down with our finger, starting from the table we want to charge.

  • From the list shown, we select Edit.

  • Once inside the order, click on


We have an order with 3 daily menus and 3 guests. Each of the guests wants to pay for their menu and take the bill.

1. Once on the payment screen, click on the Split by items .

2. Automatically, all the products that were grouped in the order are shown individually.

3. Select a menu from the list, and it will show the icon, confirming your selection.

4. The diner gives you €20.

5. Enter €20 and click on the Cash icon.

6. The invoice will be printed automatically or, if you have set the system to ask you, it will show the YES/NO screen. Since each diner wants an invoice, click YES.

7. The second diner pays with a card.

8. Select another menu from the list and click on the Card button.

Note: When you charge a card, there is no need to enter the amount. Click directly on the icon and the total amount will be charged.

9. Finally, the third guest will pay in cash € and the rest with a card.

10. Select the last menu.

11. Enter €5 and click on Cash. And then press on card to collect the rest.

Finally, all products are paid, and the order will be closed automatically. As indicated previously, when splitting by item, each of the guests will get their corresponding invoice.


By default, when you select the icon of , the system prints an account or subtotal of all the products in the order. In addition, the table changes the colour to orange, indicating that the order is pending collection.

On some occasions, when diners want to pay by splitting by items, we may need to print the account already with the divided items to deliver to the diners prior to payment. To perform this action:

1. Enter the payment screen through the icon.

2. Click on the Split by items button.

3. Select the products you want to print in the account.

4. On this occasion, instead of clicking on Cash, Card or any other form of payment that would close the order, click on the icon to print the account.

Note: Only the selected products will be printed on the account.


The answer is YES. Not only possible, but very easy.

For example, we have an order with 2 guests, where one of them has to go in advance and wants to pay for the products consumed.

1. Enter again the payment screen through the icon.

2. Click on the Split by items button.

3. Select the products this diner wants to pay for.

4. Make the payment by selecting the requested payment method or methods.

5. At this time, after making the payment for the first guest, you want to go back to the table plan and leave the rest of the products without paying. If you click on the icon, you will get an error message saying: “It is not possible to save the order if there are partial payments”.

6. In this case, you just have to uncheck by clicking again the Split by items icon. Now you can save the order and quit to the table layout by clicking on the icon.

7. Afterwards, the products still pending payment must be collected so that the order can be closed.