With Revo Xef you can split an account by person when closing an order. Thas way, the order is split by diners as selected and the payment can be managed easily and neatly.


There are three different ways to access the Payment screen of Revo Xef:

Access from the preview:

  • Click on the table you want to collect.
  • On the screen that appears (preview), click on the icon.

Access by editing an order from the preview:

  • Click on the table that you want to collect.
  • On the screen shown (preview), click on Edit Order.
  • Once inside the order, click on

Access by editing an order from Fast Actions:

  • With the following gesture you can access Fast Actions: With your finger, swipe from top to bottom starting from the table you want to collect.

  • From the list shown, we select Edit order.
  • Once inside the order, click on .
  1. Once on the payment screen, click on the Split by person button.

  2. The system shows a numeric screen, asking us by how many people you want to split the account.

  3. Click on the number

Note: If you need more than 6, click on Others ... and then on the desired number.

  1. Then the account is split by the selected diners: For example, in the image they selected 2.

  1. First, you manage the payment from the first diner (1 of 2). In this case it is a cash payment:
  • Of the total of € 43.90, this guest must pay half: € 21.95. He gives us a € 50 banknote.
  • Enter € 50 and mark Cash to collect from the first diner.
  • You will get a message (indicated in the image with an orange square) with the change to give and also a recommendation of monetary units to deliver the change. This message is merely informative.
  • Click OK and continue with the second diner.

  1. The second guest will pay us a part in cash and the rest with a credit card.
  • Enter € 10 and click on Cash.
  • For the € 10.95 left, click on Card.
  1. Finally, since all products have been paid, the order will close automatically.

Depending on the Print Invoice settings in [Business] (http://revoxef.works/config/business), it will be printed directly, or else you will get a message asking whether you want to print it.

IMPORTANT: When the payment of an order is split by diners, only one invoice will be printed for all diners. If each of the diners wants an invoice, it will have to be reprinted.