Now with Revo you can integrate a Bluetooth-connected pinpad to the iPad so that, when charging a card, they connect and manage the order's collection and closing automatically. This solution guarantees that at the end of the shift the card accounts are always squared.


  1. Acquire the pinpad BP-50 at your trusted BBVA office.

  2. The BP-50 pinpad comes with a username and password.

Note: The pinpad is assigned to the iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod) via Bluetooth connection. This implies that each of the devices charging with Revo must have an associated pinpad . A single pinpad can not be shared by several iOS devices.

  1. Download the Revo mPos App from the Appstore.

Note: Revo mPos is an additional App allowing to make payments through the ITOS devices in a totally integrated way with Revo Xef.

How to set up Revo mPos and the ITOS device in Revo Xef:

  1. First of all, enter the Back Office of your Revo Xef account using your credentials.
  2. Then click on the icon to enter Modules.
  3. Click on Integrations.
  4. At the top right corner, click on Modules and select RedsysMpos.
  5. On the screen that shows up, click on Enable and enter a name to identify the integration.

  1. Now you must enter the settings between your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, iPod) and the pinpad ITOS BP-50.
  • On the iOS device, go to Settings Bluetooth.
  • A list of all devices will show up on the iOS Bluetooth screen,. One of them will be ITOS.

Note: The ITOS pinpad shows up in the list with a numbering. It matches the serial number you can find at the back of the BP-50.

  • On the screen of the pinpad you must see the message: PINPAD NOT LINKED and then WAITING FOR BLUETOOTH CONNECTION.

  • At this moment, on the iOS device, click on the name of the pinpad and if everything went well a message will show up: Bluetooth link request. Click on Link.

  • Then in the pinpad, click on to confirm the link.

Recommendation: It is recommended to disable the auto power off function of the BP-50 pinpad. Check at the bottom of this article how to enter supervisor mode and make this change.

  1. Then open the Revo mPos application previously downloaded from the AppStore and enter again the username and password given by the Financial Entity along with the ITOS BP-50 device.

  2. Once the data has been entered, a screen shows up indicating that the Transparent Login has been properly enabled. Click OK.

  3. Now Revo mPos should detect your ITOS pinpad and, after a few seconds, it will show a Ready message at the center of the screen, meaning that the connection between mPos and ITOS was properly established.

Note: If the Ready message does not show up, go back to step 7 and reset the Bluetooth connection.

If everything went well... Congratulations, you got all the settings made!

From this moment, every time you close an order with the Card icon , you will connect with Revo Mpos to manage the payment with the ITOS device. Once the payment is completed in the pinpad, it will return to Revo Xef and the order will close automatically.

IMPORTANT: If an operation fails or gives an error during the transaction, press the icon to cancel the operation and you will automatically return to the Revo Xef screen to start over again.

NEVER restart or close the mPos app during an operation. This action could cause the order not to be saved.

How to deactivate the auto-off.

The SUPERVISOR mode lets you enter the setup parameters of the PUP application. How to enter in this mode:

  • Turn off the BP-50®.
  • Hold the ON button until the LOADER and FW version show up on the screen.
  • Tap repeatedly on the yellow button until the PASSWORD message shows up.
  • Enter the password: 12369874
  • Use the following keys to move around:
  • To move down.
  • To move up.
  • OK: To select the active option.
  • C: Go back to the previous level or exit supervisor mode.
  • Move around with until you are on the AUTO OFF option. Click OK to enter.
  • Change the parameters until you get DISABLED. Confirm selection with OK.
  • Tap repeatedly on the C key to exit the Supervisor mode.

Clear Bluetooth connections*

If the pinpad has been linked to different old devices, all connections can be erased and then linked to a new device.

  • With the device on and once you are on the main screen (Financial Entity Logo ).
  • Tap repeatedly on the yellow button until the menu shows up.
  • Select Delete Links.
  • Then click on the OK button to confirm.
  • Finally, if everything went well, the PINPAD NOT LINKED message will show up on the screen.